Real Estate Agents


As real estate agent in the agriculture industry you can greatly benefit by including an aerial image map, as part of a portfolio. Maps can indicate boundaries, sub-divisions, or any specific portions thereof, with areas (hectares) involved.

GEO-LOGIC specialises in farm mapping, with more than 30 years experience in surveying and compiling maps of agricultural land.

In recent years much of the field surveying has become abundant and maps can be compiled from available aerial photography.

Your interest might be to have a farm boundary indicated on an aerial photograph, and/or confirming areas and boundaries of sub-divisions, servitudes or any smaller portions (such as irrigated areas) you are interested in, that you are unsure off.

Many old black-and-white soil maps consist only of lines on a white background. These lines can be overlayed on aerial photography, greatly enhancing the usability of the soil information.