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GIS Mapping for Single Farms - Farms plans & block layouts
This process includes the mapping of all farm infrastructure, block- and field layouts, irrigation systems, drainage systems, power cable systems, contours, etc.
This is done firstly to maintain a record system of "where is what" on the farm, specially regarding infrastructure located below ground. In many cases this information is never recorded and is only present in the minds of some of the personnel on a farm. When these people are "no longer present", so is the information! Valuable time and money can be wasted in future, should the exact location and/or description of this information, not be available on a mapping system.
Compiling and presenting the mapping results in GIS (Geographic Information System) format, becomes an important management tool for visual and geographic record keeping, analysis and presentation of processes and activities on the farm. The results includes very specific block, field and dam areas, as well as lengths of features such as pipelines, cables, etc. It also allows for the accurate measurement of all required areas and lengths of any identified areas or features.
Aerial imagery is utilised as basis for GIS mapping by Geo-Logic. This purely because it is by far the most cost effective way for compiling GIS data. Other data sources are then used as additional input. This can include survey diagrams, existing soil maps, irrigation plans, drainage system maps, etc. Lastly, if required, GPS technology is used for surveying of features not identified on the aerial imagery, or any of the other maps or sources available.
The final results are presented as separate layers on a map as well as in GIS format. There are many open source (free) GIS software systems available for this purpose.
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